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Holiday photo: Lily May

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The origin of the Russian name is unclear. There are a number of assumptions. According to one, the word comes from the lily of the valley, “Gladysz” – because of the smooth leaves, on the other – from the word “incense” – for the pleasant smell of flowers, the third – from the Polish expression, meaning “eye deer.” beautiful spring flower has long attracted the attention of people, and its origin is composed of many poetic legends. An old Russian legend tells of a hopeless love princess Volkhov water to remove Sadko. Upon learning of his true love for a simple girl Lubava, she went ashore to the last time to listen to songs and playing his beloved harp. Long walked in the meadows and Volkhov edges, but Sadko was not there. Suddenly she saw two slender birches of – they, and Sadko Lubava. Wept with grief proud princess, bitter tears rolled from her dark blue like the sea, the eye. Pearls falling into the grass and they turned into fragrant silver flowers – a symbol of loyalty, love and tenderness. Impoverished grief, forever gone Volkhov in his underwater kingdom of cold. In Ancient Greece there was a myth that told how one day the goddess Diana Hunt, sister of the radiant Apollo, hunting in an unfamiliar forest, populated by fauns. Seduced by the beauty of the girl, they began to pursue her. Slim huntress Diana ran away from them, but she had to run too far and fast, she was tired, her body was covered with beads of sweat, which, falling on the earth, transformed into a fragrant silvery bells lily of the valley. In England there is a story of the Battle of St. Leonard, one of the Companions of Clovis, with a terrible dragon. Three days and three nights in the ongoing bloody battle. On the fourth day, losing strength, Leonard finally saw the terrible monster, dragging a long tail, crawled into the forest, so there will never not be displayed. Battle this costly Leonard, his body was severely wounded the dragon fangs and claws. At the spot where a drop of blood dripped saint rose flowers of purity and holiness – lily of the valley. And now the site of the battle you can see these white fragrant flowers. The peoples of Western Europe, lily of the valley – a small forest dwelling and fellows – the elves, and a necklace of Snow White, who, fleeing from the wicked stepmother in the winter and lost him in the forest, and it turned into silver bells . According to another tradition – it dwarfs lanterns. In Christian mythology, lily of the valley – it’s bitter tears of the Virgin, that she shed, standing at the cross of the crucified son. These tears, falling to the ground, turned into pure beautiful flowers, which ottsvetaya, became red, like blood, fruit. In Germany, it is believed that a bright moonlit nights, when the earth was enveloped in deep slumber, the Virgin Mary with a crown of shiny, silver, lily of the valley at the head appears in front of the chosen few righteous. lily bloom coincides with the spring at times when it gradually turns into summer and by mid-summer it produced red fruit drop. On this occasion there was such a legend. When flowered lily of the valley, he saw the Spring. She was so beautiful, lily of the valley that once loved her and no amount of staring could not enjoy its beauty. And she was not indifferent to the spring to a small, elegantly attired flower, ukryvshemusya under the broad umbrella of the green. But because the spring around the world traveler, she smiles at all, gives all the affection, but never long delayed. The time has come and gone spring, yielding its place to a hot summer. Lily of the Valley for a long time mourned bygone gentle and warm spring, but it is heavy grief he suffered in silence, like the joy of love. Small flowers have withered him, and in situ formed droplets of bright red-tear. So lily silently mourns the Spring. In very ancient times, the ancient Germanic goddess of lily of the valley was devoted to the rising sun, radiant Ostara. In her honor, held a spring festival Ostern. On the eve of his young women, gathered lilies of the valley, went with them to the holy key and washed with water, as long as possible to preserve the freshness and beauty of the face. In the evening bonfires were lit, and young boys and girls adorn themselves with flowers lily, symbol of love and happiness. This holiday lasted until wilted lilies of the valley, and when the flowers wither, their spells to cast into the fires, thereby bringing a sacrifice to the goddess. From the deep Middle Ages in France remained “a holiday lilies of the valley.” It is celebrated on the first Sunday of May. On the eve of the afternoon, the villagers go to the nearest forest for the lilies of the valley. After earning a bunch of flowers, the evening coming home. The next morning gathered lilies adorn the rooms, windows and even doors. After breakfast, arrange fun dancing. Each dancer has a bouquet of lilies of the valley by, Female pins him to the waist, the young men – a buttonhole coats.Young people who liked each other, share their posies. Do not take the lilies of the valley or to throw them on the ground mean dislike or even disgust. Often these dances ended with a declaration of love. Love of lily of the valley lit work of many poets and writers. How about the favorite flower spoke of him AIKuprin, Kovalevskaya, Lesia Ukrainka, P. Tchaikovsky, A. Fet, etc. The poetic works of flowers lily of the valley has always stood for purity, tenderness, love and allegiance.


source: socvirus.com.ua

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