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Flower gifts: “Pelargonium” beads

Beading, Flower arrangement, Flowers  |  August 28th 2011  |  0 Comment

Flower gifts: “Pelargonium” beads

Art crat flowers

Materials for making the Bush Pelargonium we need: 1. Beads: For flowers – red (maroon transparent 30g, 20g red mat, and red translucent 20g) and 2g of yellow shiny beads to stamens;

for leaves – green (light green 55g, a mixture of green and dark green matte and translucent 70g) and dark-purple prozrachnyy10g. 
boxes for beads (I have out of the cartridge)

2. Sample – Geranium bush (you can count) and leaf pelargonium natural.

3. Small wire cutters and pliers and stationery knife and a wooden board, remove the insulation from the wire

4. Thin copper wire of 0.2 mm for the flowers and leaves, thick copper (0,5-0,4 mm) petioles, leaves and stems, thick aluminum (or steel) for the central stem 5. Paints are green, yellow, white (for the color scheme), and acrylic lacquer “Rosewood”

6. Newspaper and tin tubes from the pineapple 

7. Sand brown and black

1. On a thin wire strung beads 30 cm 2 transparent purple, 1 red matte, 2 red translucent, 1 red and 2 purple matte transparent.

2. Skip the end of the wire in the first typed bead (maroon), we loop.

3. Again, stringing beads (item 1.) – 2 transparent purple, 1 red matte, translucent 2 red, 1 red and 2 purple matte transparent.

4. Again, skip the end of the wire (point 2) in the first typed bead (maroon), the second loops, get the 2nd loop. Again, stringing beads (item 1.) – 2 transparent purple, 1 red matte, translucent 2 red, 1 red and 2 purple matte transparent. We make five such loops.

5. Stringing two or three yellow shiny beads, stick their finger in front of the flower, we conclude that the wire inside-out and twist the wire ends together twice

6. String three green beads and twists of 4.5 loops

7. We get a flower on a thin stalk. Fasten thick wire – 0.5 mm. And paint the pedicel pale green paint.

1tip buds – a thin wire length of 10-15 cm string beads – 2 light green, dark green one, 2 or three reds. We turn off a loop and twist ends.

Type 2 buds – the wire length of 10-15 cm string beads – 2 light green, 2 dark green and 2 light green, twist the loop

3 type buds – on a wire 20 cm long string alternately dark and light green beads on 5 pieces, twist a loop.Making these four or five loops and a loop of 7.6 beads red

Doing pieces on the 10-15 of each type of flower buds.

1. Outline the leaf geraniums, we collect on a thin wire of 0.2 mm 6 beads light green, turn in the ring, twist the ends together – it will petiole.

2. Each bead threaded a thin wire 15 cm and a bend in half

3. Put on for each twin wire (except for wire petiole) of two or three light green beads on the ends of the wire loops are doing – it will leaf veins.

4. Bolted to a long petiole (1.2 m) fine wire and string beads on it 25-30 light green (tighten the wire loop on the end) and begin to weave the ring in a clockwise direction, twisting the wire for each vein

5. After reaching the stem, turn the other way and write in a mixture of 25-30 cm, green and dark green beads (tighten at the end of the wire loop), whips counterclockwise one number and a clockwise one row, twisting every time a leaf veins. For petiole catch on the wire with beads – stalk must be free (at the very finish stem and hooked on the previous row).

6. Leave the wire at rest, take a thick wire 0,5-0,4 mm, bolted to the petiole and stringing 25-30 dark purple beads, twist every now streak of thick wire, weave finish at the petiole, fasten the wire to the thick end of the petiole.

7. Again, string 50 cm mixture of green beads on the wire left in peace, and whip in both clockwise and counterclockwise two rows. Veins of the double wire should be divided, it will now not 6 and 12 veins, and for every twist yarn with beads for weaving. For stalk hooks, fasten the wire to the previous row.After two series again leave the wire alone.

8. Fasten thick wire 0.4-0.5 mm to the petiole, 30 cm string of light green beads on the image and bends the wire with beads, not forgetting to twist it through the leaf veins. After graduating form the frame, fasten the end of a thick wire to the petiole.

9. Tighten left alone a thin wire in the last row, string 30 cm of light green beads and lashes, repeating all the twists of thick wire. From stem to the first rib away, so fasten in place the proposed slack wire to the previous row. In this (final) number of hiding the ends of the veins. Twist wire around the stems with beads and beads put on two wire ends of the strands are too long cut.

Sheet ready.

10. Same boring leaves to weave. You can do a variety of additives. 
to weave two rows of dark purple beads, worn on the veins between the rows of beads in 1-2 – leaf tracery, and is larger in size. To weave more series with a mixture of green beads. Slightly change the shape of the sheet. Needed to weave the bush 11 large leaves.

11. Apart from the big leaves need small leaves (10 pieces). Their gossip is easier. 
On the wire 0.4-0.5 mm long, 40 cm Type 5 light green beads, curl up into a ring, put on 6 more beads and torsion in the middle of the ring for the previous series. More pieces 6 and again caught the previous row in the petiole.

12. Then fasten a thin wire strung light green beads on 6-7 pieces and form a wavy leaf, at the same time tighten the wire for the previous series. Playing with color, increasing the amount you can weave the different number of leaves.

Collect and form the inflorescence peduncles 1. Pedicels dried, proceed to the assembly umbellate inflorescences. In one inflorescence collect from 10 to 35 flowers. I got so – 10, 16, 20, 25, 35, of flowers and two buds on the inflorescence of 15 pieces. A thin wire under the band doing flowers and tight drag out.

2. We raise from under the belt, two tails and twist them together. Then, bend and cut off – making one leaves at the inflorescence.

3. In the same way to collect and inflorescence buds

4. Fasten thick aluminum wire, thickens stems and combine them into three “trunk”. Fasten the leaves.

5. Pretends it will look like a bush in a pot

6. We cover the trunks, stems and petioles of papier-mache, giving dry. Paint with white paint, then green.

7. Fasten to the roots of the “trunk” and also cover their papier-mache, paint and then dry the.

Making drums 1.Berem tin (in this case from the pineapple) and cover with a thin layer of liquid papier-mache, giving dry. 2.Seredinu slather papier-mache. 3.Prikleivaem baking dish on the surface of a newspaper tube, fasten ends slipping them under the wound. 4.Razravnivaem papier-mache around a coiled tube and give it dry. 5.Mazhem jar with a thick layer of papier-mache, don clerical gum on the bank below and paste it under the gum newspaper tubes, covering a third of the circumference of the banks. 6. We put on the top kants.rezinku banks, pulling her tubes. Wear extra eraser top and bottom and tighten them tighter. Well promnem hands across the surface of the tube banks to papier-mache acted on the surface through the gaps between the tubes. Wear rubber band in the middle of the banks. Scrub came forward with a papier-mache surface of the tubes and the spaces between them. Allow to dry. 7.Snimaem gum barrels. Promazyvayut glue top and bottom of the barrel insertion of hoops. We put on a barrel hoops from newspaper tubes, turning the tube into the ring and inserting one end (pre-dipped in glue) to another tube. 8.Krasim barrel acrylic paint in bright yellow, not trying to paint the letters. We provide dry. 9.Pokryvaem barrel acrylic lacquer – “Rosewood” in a single layer. We provide dry. Paint hoops on a barrel acrylic paint metallic-bronze. Barrel is ready.

We make bush pelargonium in the barrel 1. Dilute with water and fill it with stucco in our barrel. 2. Sticks “trunk” and keep the minutes of 8-10 to the solidification of alabaster. 3. Paint the bottom of the barrel with green paint, touch up the top barrel acrylic paint. We provide dry. 4. PVA glue a thin layer of soil on the surface of the future. Sypem sand on top (I had painted the sand from the children’s “sand paintings” – brown and black.) We get here a little bush.

source: s59.radikal.ru

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